Hopscotch Project: Select a House

I created this game / app with the iPad app "Hopscotch" to randomly select one of four Hogwarts House names. We need this because we have lost the "House Cards" for our Harry Potter board game. You have to restart the game each time you want to select a new house. Since the speed of each icon is randomly assigned, the results will vary. Enjoy! If you have feedback please tweet Dr Fryer at either:


To view and play this game on an iPad, you have to download "Hopscotch" and (unfortunately) do a rather inconvenient thing, since Hopscotch does not currently support opening saved files from the iPad Safari web browser.

  1. In Safari, copy the link to the Hopscotch file below.
  2. If you don't already have it, download the iPad app "Goodreader" ($5). Choose to open a web link in Goodreader, and paste the link you copied into it. (It may auto-magically auto-paste it.)
  3. In Goodreader, choose to open your downloaded file in another app, and choose to open in Hopscotch.

Click on the icon (House Select.hopscotch) below and choose “Open in Hopscotch”. Enjoy!